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I went to the drive-in @ dallas, ore. last night.
I saw lara croft and bad boy 2 - I've already seen it.
It was fun...I was way tired though.
We didn't get home until 3:00ish, I didnt get in bed until 3:30. And, Nick had to get up in the morning @ 6:30. Poor guy - no sleep. I wouldnt be able to live a full day with only 3 hours of sleep.
HAH. I was thinking Don was up when we got home last night, I wonder if he was going to bed or getting up. I didnt stay up to find out but I thought it was a funny thought......maybe not. =)
anyhow - Nicole came over. I was asleep though, I was having this dream and when she rung the doorbell it totally fit in with my dream, it was weird..because it felt like I was dreaming when I answered the door. It's like when youre dreaming and your alarm clock goes off - same thing! haha
yeah, I'm tired.stiil.
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