k0ri (saggezza005) wrote,

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I feel so sick =(

it just makes everything more blank.

I feel blank.

I feel empty

jeez, I need more sleep. maybe it'll make me feel better?
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Hey Kori, it's Suzanne...just wanted to say hi because I haven't talked to you in a really long time. I hope your summer is going really well, and maybe we can hang out a little before I or you leave. My number is still the same. If I don't see you before I or you leave, good luck and try to find what makes you TRULY and HONESTLY happy and stick to it. It's harder than it sounds, but you have the strength to do it. Sorry for raining cheese over this comment, but you haven't truly seen my cheesiness for a while, so I had to pour it all out.

p.s. Love you fat cow!